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A classic.

A classic.

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i’m supposed to be finishing two papers right now

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I’m crying


I’m crying

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This Man With Severe Cerebral Palsy Created Mind-Blowing Art Using Just A Typewriter

Last year, 22-time Emmy award-winning reporter John Stofflet posted this news video he created for KING-TV in 2004, featuring Paul Smith and his artistic talents.

See the full video to see more of Smith’s artworks and to learn more about his inspiring story go here. 

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Beer honestly just tastes how I imagine urine to taste it is so rank and people are always like nah try this because this is special Beer and then it’s like oh ok urine with cinnamon in it great

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holy shit

He took fingerprinting to a whole new level..

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For The Masses:
More Here
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yes I am a believer. oh you meant god? my bad I thought u were talkin about aliens sir.

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Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action

 (Left to Right): Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter,
 Dave Zirin and Moderator Eve Ensler.

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I hope this makes some of you in a better mood. Because I’m feeling quite over the day. But this helps a bit. 

This post makes me want a duck.

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